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The 1953 Little Italy Savings Bank robbery was an armed bank heist committed by Aldo Trapani of the Corleone crime family. He robbed the bank after he stole a key from Donato Stracci, finding a Scalise & Strong Armored master key, as well as taking $50,000.

Heist Edit

When an arsonist in Brooklyn set Sicilian Goods on fire, owner Donato Stracci begged Aldo Trapani to go into the building and get him a "valuable item", his key to his vault in the Little Italy Savings & Loans Bank.? When Donato asked for it, Trapani took it for himself and drove into Little Italy, visiting the bank there. He entered through a back door and blew up the door with dynamite, and did the same with the vault. He entered the vault room and stole all $50,000 in the bank before fighting his way past the police. He fled to Grand Apartments, his suite in Little Italy, and stashed his stolen cash.

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