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1959 Queens rumble

Riff Tamblyn is stabbed by Bernardo Nunez.

The 1957 Queens Rumble was a fight between the Sharks and Jets gangs in New York City in 1957. It resulted in the deaths of gang leaders Bernardo Nunez and Riff Tamblyn.

Fight Edit

Long had the American Jets and Puerto Rican Sharks fought, so the two arranged for a rumble at a dance. Bernardo Nunez and his 11 other Sharks members faced 12 Jets, both sides armed with switchblades. The Sharks stabbed Riff Tamblyn fatally, and Riff handed his blade to fellow gang member Tony Wycak, who in anger and despair, stabbed Bernardo to death. Soon, NYPD sirens wailed, and the two gangs escaped the scene, leaving behind the two dead bodies.

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