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The 1959 Merit Credit Union robbery was an armed robbery of the Merit Credit Union bank by mobster Dominic in 1959, in which he stole $10,000.

Heist Edit

Dominic and his right-hand man Jimmy Lira drove in a car to Merit Credit Union, the best-guarded bank in all of Miami, in the Biscayne neighborhood. Rather than enter through the front, they parked in the back lot, near a wall that could be blown up to create a path straight to the vault. Jimmy Lira, practiced as a bruiser as well as every other trait, shanked guard Frederick Kim with a knife, attracting no attention. Then, he planted a stick of dynamite on the weak wall, blowing it up. Now that there was a hole in the wall, they rushed into the vault and took all $10,000, and hurried to the parking lot, entering another person's car. They drove off as the MIPD, who did not know who blew up the wall, arrived.

Dominic and Jimmy Lira would later be arrested for the robbery of Merit Credit Union, with Jimmy Lira having a sentence of fifty years for robbery, conspiracy to murder, murder, attempted murder, breaking and entering, arson, sabotage, and many other felonies. Dominic would die in jail, but of other felonies.

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