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Previous: Battle of Diaz Motors
Freedomtown Shootout
Conflict: Miami Drug Wars
Date: 1983
Place: Freedomtown, Miami, Florida
Outcome: Montana victory

Montana Montana Cartel



Tony Montana

George Sheffield
Pablo Olvieda


One man

Fifteen mercenaries



all killed

The 1983 Freedomtown Shootout was a shootout between Tony Montana and mercenaries hired by George Sheffield, led by Pablo Olvieda. Montana was ambushed in Freedomtown, but he killed all of the attackers and Olvieda.

Background Edit

Tony Montana hired George Sheffield as his lawyer back in 1980, before the Battle of Montana Estate in 1983. Everyone believed him to be dead, but Montana came back three months later, and rebuilt his empire by conquering Little Havana from the Diaz Gang and re-employed all of his past enforcers and business partners. Sheffield was hired again as his lawyer, but was in a conspiracy with Alejandro Sosa, Gaspar Gomez, and Nacho Contreras to take him out.

Pablo Olvieda, an associate of Sheffield, phoned Montana, telling him that Sheffield wanted him to meet him at Freedomtown, as he thought it would be appropriate to meet at the place where he got his start in America; now it was a ghost town, perfect for secret gatherings. However, Olvieda drove off once Montana was dropped off, and he was ambushed by mercenaries.

Battle Edit

Montana beat down two machete-wielding thugs, taking their swords and killing some of the gunmen, taking their guns and killing the other mercenaries. Montana killed all of them, and the snipers on top of the buildings. Then, Olvieda tried to escape by boat, so Montana pursued him, and shot him dead with his boat's machinegun.

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