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Calton Heights War
Gang War
Conflict: San Francisco Gang Wars
Date: 1992
Place: Calton Heights, San Francisco
Outcome: GSF victory

GSF Grove Street Families

Triad Mountain Cloud Boys


Carl Johnson

Wu Zi Mu


1 gangster




all killed

The 1992 Calton Heights War was a gang war between the Los Angeles-based Grove Street Families and the San Francisco-based Mountain Cloud Boys, part of the San Francisco Triads. The GSF, despite being allied to the Triads, took over their territory after a gunfight that did not affect their attitudes towards one another.

War Edit

Grove Street Families hitman Carl Johnson, also the "Underboss", attacked the territory of the Mountain Cloud Boys, one of the San Francisco Triads, which was an ally of the GSF. Johnson shot three of the Triads, starting a wave of Triad associates. The first wave was mown down, but the second wave was tougher, armed with SMGs and Assault Carbines. Johnson took cover and murdered the second wave, and since he had killed all of the Triads, he took over Calton Heights.

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