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DUMBO Warehouse Bombing
DUMBO Bombing
Conflict: Mob wars
Date: May 1, 2001
Place: DUMBO, New York City
Outcome: Diablos victory




El Burro
Claude Speed

Jimmie Manzano



5 mobsters



all killed

The 2001 Dumbo Warehouse Bombing was a criminal incident that occured on May 1, 2001, when Diablos-affiliated hitman Claude Speed blew up a Forelli hideout in a warehouse in DUMBO, New York City, in return for payment from El Burro, who wanted to stop the Forellis from threatening his new movie. 5 Forellis were killed in the attack, which was famous because Speed drove in an ice cream truck to the warehouse, and turned the jingle-jingle song on right as he detonated the bomb.

Incident Edit

Since the Forelli crime family threatened to get rid of his leading actor in a new porn film, El Burro contacted Claude Speed to put hits out on Forelli associates to keep them out of the picture. Speed picked up some pipe bombs and planted them on an ice cream truck. He drove to the Forelli warehouse and turned the jingle on, getting the Forellis to come closer to the truck. Speed exited the truck, and detonated the bomb, killing all of the Forellis, and was paid $6,000 for the contract.

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