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2001 Queensbridge Gang War
Conflict: Gang wars
Date: May 2, 2001
Place: Queensbridge, New York City
Outcome: Diablos victory


Queensbridge Triads


Claude Speed

Quan Zi


one gangster

25 gangsters



25 gangsters burnt

The 2001 Queensbridge Gang War was a war that took place between the Queensbridge Triads and the Diablos Gang in Queensbridge. El Burro sent Claude Speed to kill twenty-five Triads who had destroyed his car, and Speed burnt them to death with a flamethrower.

Battle Edit

The Triads stole El Burro's Stallion, and wrecked it, so El Burro ordered his hitman Claude Speed to murder the Triads in revenge. Speed brought his flamethrower with him, and roasted 25 Triads in Queensbridge's Chinatown, and was paid $10,000.

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