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2008 Brooklyn Gang War
Date: April 28, 2008
Place: Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Brooklyn
Outcome: {{{result}}}

The Lost MC

Pegorino crime family


Johnny Klebitz

Roy Baccio


5 bikers

8 mobsters


2 killed

8 killed

The 2008 Brooklyn Gang War was a gang war that took place between The Lost MC and the Pegorino crime family. The Lost MC bikers, with 5 people, shot at a convoy of three Muscle Cars, killing 8 mobsters. The mob war ended right after.

War Edit

The Lost MC gang declared war on the Pegorino crime family, after they killed one of their bikers. The Lost MC biker gang rode out from a diner and pursued a convoy of three Mob cars, who were in the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. They shot at the cars, and massacred all of the mobsters after they left their cars, in a dramatic firefight. They fled the scene, and the NYPD found the dead bodies and transported them to a crematorium.

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