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2008 Faustin-Petrovic War
Faustin-Petrovic War
Conflict: Mob wars
Date: May 10, 2008-May 20, 2008
Place: New York City
Outcome: Collapse of the Faustins

Russian Mafia Faustin crime family

Russian Mafia Petrovic crime family


Mikhail Faustin
Dimitri Rascalov
Nikolai Bellic

Kenny Petrovic
Lenny Petrovic


1,000 mobsters

2,500 mobsters




The 2008 Faustin-Petrovic War was a mob war between the Faustin crime family, led by Don Mikhail Faustin, and the Petrovic crime family, led by Don Kenny Petrovic. It took place in 2008 in New York City, beginning with the hijacking of a truck protected by Petrovic, and ending with the murder of Don Faustin.

 Background Edit

The Petrovic crime family was the most powerful syndicate of the Russian Mafia in the United States, led by Don Kenny Petrovic. Petrovic ran protection rackets in New York City primarily, but had connections in New Jersey and other East Coast cities, and had an uneasy alliance with the Faustin crime family and the Bulgarin crime family. The Faustins, led by Mikhail Faustin, were becoming weaker because of Faustin's deteriorating state of mind, and he wanted to get rid of all threats to his family.

His first action was to order the stealing of some flat-screen plasma televisions from a van in The Bronx, so he sent his associate Niko Bellic to hijack the van. Bellic pulled over a van in an FBI car, but it did not contain the TVs, so he pulled over another van, driven by Iwan Sagdiyev, an associate of Petrovic. Sagdiyev and his guard were shot, and the van was driven to Brighton Beach, where the Faustin Compound was located.

Next, Faustin ordered for Nikolai to murder Lenny, a police informant, who was boarding a train in The Bronx. Niko headed to the subway station and killed Lenny's bodyguard and shot Lenny as he fled down the ramp of the train rails and down onto the street, and Dimitri Rascalov, the Underboss of the Faustin Syndicate, phoned Bellic, informing him that he was Lenny Petrovic, Kenny Petrovic's underboss and son, and that this meant that a mob war was coming.

War Edit

Dimitri Rascalov attempted to smooth things with the Petrovic Family, since Kenny Petrovic was going wild over his son's death, but he failed in making peace with them. Faustin ordered Nikolai to drive an truck from an old factory to Petrovic's garage in Hunts Point, and blew it up, leaving Kenny in awe, and the NYPD deemed it a "possible terrorist act". Relations soured with the Petrovics, who continued to attack Faustin enforcers on the streets.

As the war reached its height, Kenny Petrovic called Dimitri Rascalov and threatened to murder him if he did not execute Mikhail. Rascalov and Bellic met in Downtown Brooklyn, where they agreed to murder Faustin so that Rascalov and Bellic would be spared. Mikhail Faustin left his house and headed for the Perestroika Club, so Bellic arrived at the scene after Faustin and his bodyguards entered the club, and Faustin, anticipating the plan, ran away, as his guards fired at Bellic. However, on the rooftop, while running, he was shot in the back several times with a Carbine Rifle, ending the war.

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