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2008 Weehawken murders
Gang War
Conflict: Gang wars
Date: November 17, 2008
Place: Weehawken Harbor, New Jersey
Outcome: Lost MC victory

The Lost MC

Albanian Mob Korean Mob
Vagos Spanish Lords


Johnny Klebitz

Jimmy Yung


Three men

Koreans: 2 men
NYPD: one officer
Puerto Ricans: one ganngster



4 killed

The 2008 Weehawken murders were a series of murders inflicted by The Lost MC gang against the Korean Mob in Weehawken, on the New Jersey Watefront. It took place at Weehawken Harbor, just above the Lincoln Tunnel entrance and under Asahara Rd.

Battle Edit

As he was traveling through his home state of New Jersey, Johnny Klebitz found Jimmy Yung, a renowned Korean Mafia enforcer, at Weehawken Harbor, so he pulled out a PM63 and shot him several times in the chest, looting $500 from his corpse. The NYPD arrived minutes later, finding nothing.

The second murder occured one minute later, when Klebitz pointed his gun at Kim-baek Shong, who was another member of the Korean Mafia, who pulled out his own PM63. Shong was shot in the chest, falling to the ground near the wall, where he begged for Klebitz not to kill him as he lay, critically wounded, but he was shot once in the head, ending his life. NYPD Officer John O'Grady was shot as he descended a staircase leading from the main road to the harbor, and the police were called off.

Klebitz shot Armando Rivas under a tunnel in the harbor, who was a member of the Spanish Lords, wearing a college jock uniform. He said "don't fuck with me, bro", but Rivas was shot in the leg by Klebitz, who wanted to put him down, but Rivas pulled out his own pistol, and was shot dead. Klebitz then stole a Maverick helicopter from a helipad on the water, and left.

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