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The 2010 Cambridge Merit Bank robbery was an armed robbery of a bank in Boston, Massachusetts on July 20, 2010. It was committed by Doug MacRay, James Coughlin, Albert Magloan, and Desmond Elden, who were some of the most notorious bank robbers in all of Charleston.

Heist Edit

The heist began with the four gangsters slipping past a Cummins Armored car? driven by? 57 year-old retired Medford cop Arthur Shea and 52 year-old Cummins Armored courtier Marty MacGuire, before robbing MacGuire as he carried bags of money into the Cambridge Merit Bank, beating him down and forcing all of the bank employees to get onto the ground. Then, they forced manager Claire Keesey to open the vault, while beating down Assistant Manager Bearns, and they took all of the money. As a silent bell went off, they bleached the fingerprints and fled in a van, taking Keesey hostage and letting her go on a beach, telling her to walk until she felt water on her toes. They made off with the thousands of dollars that they had obtained in the heist and delivered it back to their quarry, where they "worked".

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