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Adam Reyes
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1951
Died 1983
Little Havana, Miami
Affiliation Diaz Bros Diaz Bros
Title(s) Associate
Adam Reyes was a Colombian-American gangster who was affiliated with the Diaz Gang. He was a hitman who was known for his assassination attempt on Tony Montana, in which he was killed.

Biography Edit

Adam Reyes was born in Colombia to poor parents, and he moved to America when he was young. He became affiliated with the Mob after his family became desperate, and he was tested as an assassin by the Diaz Bros, more Colombians. Edgar Diaz became friends with Reyes, and sent him out on hit missions. He was sent out to kill Tony Montana at the Babylon Club in retaliation for his actions against the Diaz Bros, but he was wounded. When he revealed that Montana's mother had been murdered by hitmen, he was shot in the head by a Micro-SMG.

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