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Adam Terry
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 4, 1901
South Side, Chicago
Died October 6, 1933
St. Michael's Bar, North Side, Chicago
Affiliation Mafia Terry Gang
Title(s) Don
Adam Terry was an Irish/Italian-American gangster who was the founder of the Terry Gang, leading a street gang from 1930 until 1933. An ally of Al Capone, he was betrayed by his Capo Frank Nitti and was killed.

Biography Edit

Terry was born in the South Side of Chicago to Michael Terry, an Irish immigrant, and Marianna Spilotro, who was of Italian and Turkish ancestry. Terry grew up in a poor neighborhood, but when he became older, he carried out hits for the Chicago Outfit in exchange for cash. In return, he became a tough gangster and founded his own gang in 1930, made out of various races. Terry's Gang fought against the Moran Gang, as well as the Jewish Mafia, who were both in control of the North Side. Terry fought as an ally of Al Capone, and his gang took over 13% of the North Side.

In 1933, Terry was killed by Frank Nitti, who was a lieutenant of Al Capone. Nitti and three thugs entered the St. Michael's Bar with Tommy Guns and riddled him with bullets behind the counter, and fled the scene. His gang disbanded after his death, with some killing each other for shares of his money.

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