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Albanian Mafia associates.

The Albanian Mafia or Mafia Shqiptare is an organized crime syndicate thats members are of Albanian ethnicity. They are known to be extremely dangerous and violent, with the Kielbasa Posse refusing to do business with them in Philadelphia. They operate not only in Albania, but in Israel, Europe, the United States, and other countries with high Albanian populations.

History Edit

Just like Italian organized crime, the Mafia Shqiptare originated in their home countries and carried their traditions to new countries. They were mainly Albanians, Serbs, or Italians, while they were enemies of the Greek Mafia. Their most famous leader was Alex Rudaj in the 2000s before his family went defunct following NYPD crackdowns. Since then, other Mafia organizations are becoming strong, like Dardan Petrella's outfit in Red Hook and DUMBO. The Albanians were once hired by the Ancelotti crime family in 2008 as enforcers, but after Frankie Garone's murder, allegedly at the hands of an Albanian, they went to war and they employed Russians instead.

Families Edit

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