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Russian Underboss
Alexei Petrov
Biographical Information
Aliases "Alex"
Gender Male
Born March 30, 1955
Ufa, Russia
Died June 6, 2008
The Triangle, New York City
Affiliation Bulgarin crime family
Title(s) Underboss
Alexei Petrov was a Russian criminal figure who was the Underboss of the Bulgarin crime family. He was murdered in 2008 in The Triangle, New York City, by the Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Alexei Petrov was born in Ufa, Bashkiria Province, of the Soviet Union. Petrov was of one of the few rich families of the USSR, and ran a trucking company that supplied the Red Army with military vehicles. He became rich enough that he bought his own private jet in 1980, and in 1990, he traveled to America with his business partner Ray Bulgarin, and they founded the Bulgarin crime family. Petrov became the Underboss of the Bulgarin Family, and initiated a war against the Ancelotti crime family in 1998, in which one hundred mobsters were killed. Petrov became a key figure in the New York Mobs, and many feared the Bulgarins after Petrov murdered Rascalov crime family Underboss Gregori Pavelov and threw his body into the West River, nearly destroying the Rascalov Family. In 2008, Petrov proved to be a threat to The Lost MC, and they ambushed a convoy of Russian Mafia soldiers in The Triangle in the middle of the night, and they killed Petrov and several other Mafia associates.

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