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Alfonso Diaz
Alfonso Diaz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1947
Bogota, Colombia
Died 1983
Little Havana, Miami, America
Affiliation Diaz Bros Diaz Bros
Title(s) Drug lord
Alfonso Diaz was the younger one of the Diaz Bros, and head of the Diaz Cartel. He was Colombian-American, moving to America to set up operations there as well as in Colombia. By 1983, he had taken control of all of Little Havana in Miami, but he was murdered with his brother Edgar.

Biography Edit

Alfonso Diaz was born in Bogota, Colombia, the younger brother of Edgar. In 1975, the Diaz Bros moved to Miami, setting up a drug network. The Diaz Bros became business partners with Frank Lopez, a Jewish crime boss who ran most of the drug dealerships in Miami. However, they were also a threat; the Diaz Bros controlled several drugs being traded. Diaz did a favor for Lopez in 1980 when he acted as an assassin for him, attempting to murder rival Tony Montana, but he was shot twice in the leg and twice in the chest, critically injuring him. He was taken to the hospital and survived treatment, and came after Tony with a burning revenge three years later. The Diaz Brothers took over Little Havana after he "died", and they renamed Lopez Motors "Diaz Motors". However, Tony came out of hiding that followed his apparent death and took over Little Havana, and he was able to take back Little Havana. When Diaz Bros henchman Pablo informed Montana that his mother was murdered in Freedomtown, he was killed, and Montana broke into Diaz Motors, shooting Alfonso after a car chase. Edgar was butchered by a chainsaw.

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