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Alonzo Gambio
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 4, 1909
Little Italy, NYC
Died August 31, 1945
Little Italy
Affiliation Corleone Corleone crime family
Title(s) Associate
Alonzo Gambio was an American mobster who was an associate in the Corleone crime family. He was under Luca Brasi. In August 1945, he was sent to become a crew member for Aldo Trapani instead.

Biography Edit

Gambio was born in Little Italy to Italian immigrant parents who came from Sicily. In 1930, he joined the Corleone crime family as an outsider, but rose to associate under the wing of Luca Brasi. In 1945, when Aldo Trapani was recruited into the family, Gambio was sent as a bodyguard for him. Together, they took over Primola and Grand News from the Stracci crime family and the Cuneo crime family, and Gambio left Trapani when Trapani got to Luca Brasi's Safehouse in one piece. Gambio stuck around with Brasi, but was killed by the Tattaglia crime family shortly before Luca was.

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