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Amerigo Bussetta
Amerigo Bussetta
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 9, 1897
Marsala, Sicily
Died December 31, 1958
Havana, Cuba
Affiliation Corleone Corleone
Title(s) Enforcer
Amerigo Bussetta was a Sicilian mobster who was an enforcer of the Corleone crime family and a professional assassin who was hired to protect Michael Corleone on his business trip to Cuba, where he was killed in a botched assassination attempt on Hyman Roth.

Biography Edit

Bussetta death

Amerigo Bussetta is shot by the Cuban Police.

Amerigo Bussetta was born in Marsala, Sicily, to poor parents. As a young man, he began to murder for money, and became renowned for his assassination skills. He became an associate of the Tommasino crime family in the early 1900s, and became an enforcer in the Corleone family when Michael Corleone brought him to America after his exile in Sicily, and he later hired him to protect him during the course of the Miami Conflict.

He headed to Cuba with Corleone, and was assigned to murder Hyman Roth on New Years' Eve. He killed his capo Johnny Ola with a hanger, but failed to smother Roth with a pillow, as the Cuban police burst into the room and shot Busseta three times in the chest and once in the forehead, murdering him.

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