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Yusuf Amir

Yusuf Amir

The Amir Syndicate was a crime syndicate/legitimate business run by Abdul Amir's son Yusuf Amir, who was responsible for the theft of a SWAT Tank, a Buzzard helicopter, and other vehicles, and was a part of the Chaldean Mafia, as it was called. Yusuf Amir's father was one of the richest people on the planet, who had billions of dollars. He bought several skyscrapers in New York City, assisted by his associate Luis Lopez.

 History Edit

Yusuf Amir was born in 1977 to a rich family, and he was a spoiled man, who acted childish; he wanted to collect several vehicles for fun. Yusuf Amir also purchased several skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in New York City. Amir had associates in Tahir Saeed and Ahmed Khalil, who assisted him in his underground activities. Yusuf Amir made business partners with Tony Prince, a nightclub owner, who owed him money ever since he threw his lot in with the Ancelotti crime family. Prince sent his associate Luis Lopez to pay off his debts by doing contracts for him. Yusuf Amir told him to steal a Buzzard helicopter from Frickie van Hardenburg, an arms dealer who supplied terrorists. Yusuf Amir also told him to investigate a situation on top of the Empire State Building, in which he shot Saeed, Khalil, and several SWAT soldiers who ambushed him. Soon, he ordered Lopez to steal a passenger train car from the underwater subway, for a new nightclub that he was planning. By the end of 2008, Yusuf Amir had bought all of Tony Prince's former nightclubs. He also had construction projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other countries, building some of the tallest skyscrapers.

Members Edit

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