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Ancelotti-Albanian War
Date: May 29-October 30, 2008
Place: New York City
Outcome: Ancelotti victory

Mafia Ancelotti crime family

Albanian Mob Albanians


Luis Lopez
Armando Torres
Henrique Bardas

Dreka Kosimov


at least 3 mobsters

1,000 mobsters



at least 200 killed

The Ancelotti-Albanian War was a mob war that took place throughout 2008, beginning with the robbery of an Albanians Gang drug shipment by Ancelotti gunman Luis Lopez. It raged until the Albanian Mob leader Miloslav Jimhov was killed in October.

Background Edit

The Albanians were a street gang, whose name speaks for itself; the members were all of Slavic descent. Their tan-dressed employees operated in Little Bay, in the South Bohan neighborhood, and were some of the weakest criminal families in New York City. Meanwhile, the Ancelotti crime family was influential in New York, controlling many of the nightclubs through connections with Tony Prince and Evan Moss. The irony was that they were weak and employed some of the Albanians as hired guns, but their hired gun Luis Lopez waged his own personal drug wars against the Albanians, hoping to create a drug empire.

War Edit

On May 29, Lopez, Armando Torres, and Henrique Bardas pursued an Albanian car filled with drugs in their black van, shooting at the driver, who returned fire, starting a car chase/shootout, which only ended when the car was forced to stop, and the driver was killed as he tried to flee the scene. Albanian beige Willards chased the Ancelottis in their car, but their pursuing car's occupants were gunned down by SMG fire shot by Armando in a drive-by, and the Ancelottis made it to the drug drop-off at Cerveza Heights on Huntington Street.

Right after this incident, Lopez was attacked on the sidewalk by an Albanian associate, Krelmo Boznavik, but he shot him five times on the stomach, and many more times as he lay dying next to a pillar (which held up the railroad tracks over the street). They later stole a delivery truck that was filled with more drugs from the Albanians, but only faced two mobsters this time.

On May 30, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Steinway, Lopez gunned down two Albanian Gang members, Lazaro Kretmupoljas and Dregar Slobodak, in a drive-by shooting with a P-90, before driving off in his car. The NYPD found the bodies and linked the murder to the other murders, and declared that there was a gang war going on between the Albanians and Ancelottis.

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