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Russian Soldier
Andrei Lennartson
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Finn"
Gender Male
Born January 6, 1961
Petsamo, Finland
Died March 1, 1992
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Russian Mafia Sokolov crime family
Title(s) Soldier
Andrei Lennartsson was a Russian-born Finnish mobster who was a made man in the Sokolov crime family, operating in Los Angeles. In 1990, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, he moved to America with his family, and became involved with organized crime in America, being "made" under Capo Yuri Boleslavovich's regime. Lennartsson was killed in 1992 in a shootout at Idlewood, Los Santos, with the Grove Street Families, as the Russians prepared to ambush the GSF in the favor of their Ballas Gang allies.

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