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Loan Shark
Andrew Lancelot
Biographical Information
Aliases "Andy the Shark"
Gender Male
Born October 15, 1929
Los Angeles, America
Died June 12, 2000
San Francisco, California
Affiliation Leone Leone crime family
Title(s) Loan Shark
Andrew Lancelot was an American businessman who was notorious for loansharking, and he was arrested in 1993, and died in the San Francisco Correctional Institute in 2000. Lancelot won over $4,500,000 in his life through over-pricing his products.

Biography Edit

Lancelot was born in Los Angeles, California, to Arthur Conan Lancelot and Elizabeth Smithbourne, two Australian-American parents. Lancelot graduated from law school and became a lawyer, suing people for money. Soon, he got into the loansharking business, lending people money and charging double. He became associated with the Leone crime family, and when somebody did not pay his/her debts, he would send his associates to murder them or beat them. In 1992, when Grove Street Families member Carl Johnson did not pay his debts, Lancelot sent Jesse Atlanta and Rocco Genovese to track him down in Los Angeles, but they were murdered by Johnson with a TEC-9. Lancelot was arrested a year later, when the GSF made his actions known to public, and died in jail.

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