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Angelo Pavotti
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 3, 1960
Biscayne, Miami
Died May 20, 1986Little Havana, Miami
Affiliation Aztecas Vercetti Gang
Title(s) Enforcer
Angelo Pavotti was an enforcer working for Tommy Vercetti's gang in Miami. In 1986, during the Drug Wars, Pavotti was murdered by the Forelli crime family.

Biography Edit

Pavotti was born to Sicilian-American parents Salvatore Pavotti and Maria Indelicato. Pavotti was associated with the Diaz Gang from 1978 to 1986, when Ricardo Diaz was murdered by Tommy Vercetti, a Forelli associate. Pavotti became an employee of Vercetti following Diaz's death, and became an enforcer for him instead, keeping his job and money. However, when he was in Little Havana, he was murdered by Sonny Forelli's men.

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