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Anthony Caporetto
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born November 7, 1961
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation Mafia Pegorino Family
Title(s) Capo
Anthony Caporetto is an Italian-American mobster, who was formerly the Capo of the Pegorino crime family. In 2009, he was arrested on charges of drug dealing and murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He testified against drug dealer Jermaine Andrews of M.O.B., hoping to get early parole, but he failed.

Biography Edit

Caporetto was born to Giorgio Caporetto and Elisa Bonifacio, two Sicilian-Americans who immigrated to New York City. Caporetto was raised in a primarily Italian neighborhood, and as a child, he picked on African-American students. Caporetto was initiated into the Italian Mafia in 1980, joining the Pegorino crime family. He was an associate in the family at first, and got rich under the regime of Capo Peter Benedetto. In 1989, he was "made", and by 2000, he was a Caporegime ruling over territories in Kearney. He had Alessandro D'Amico and Roy Baccio under his wing, and ten associates, plus twenty enforcers. He murdered several of The Lost MC in 2008, and was arrested a year later after investing in the drug trade, and was given a sentence for life in prison. He failed to testify against Jermaine Andrews, a famous M.O.B. drug dealer, and still is serving time.

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