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Arthur Lee
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 8, 1963
Hong Kong
Died October 2, 2008
Chinatown, New York City
Affiliation Triad Jaoming Triad
Title(s) Red Pole
Arthur "Glasses" Lee was a Chinese-American Triad who was a member of the Jaoming Triad. In 2008, he was murdered by The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Lee was from Hong Kong, where the Triads had the most power in the world. He joined the Jaoming Triad when he immigrated to America in 1970, after the Cultural Revolution, and Lee became an enforcer for the family. Lee was nicknamed "Glasses" because of his glasses that he wore, these thick, black, glasses that he needed for vision.

Lee was killed in 2008 by The Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz. Klebitz rode on a motorcycle into Chinatown, in a shootout/car chase with the NYPD. Lee was shot by Klebitz after shooting at the police, as Klebitz thought that he was trying to kill him.

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