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Attack on the Corleone Compound
Conflict: Miami Conflict
Date: December 2, 1958
Place: Corleone Compound, Little Italy
Outcome: Failed attempt on Michael Corleone's life

Corleone Corleone

Roth Syndicate


Rocco Lampone




2 men




The attack on the Corleone Compound? was a failed assassination attempt on the lives of Michael Corleone and his family by Hyman Roth's men.

Battle Edit

2? of Hyman Roth's men attacked the Corleone Compound, hoping to get revenge for the death of Moe Greene in 1954. The battle started with the assassins shooting through the open-draped windows of Michael Corleone's bedroom, hitting nobody, as Michael and his wife Kay Adams hit the floor before the bullets hit them. Rocco Lampone and his men started searching the compound's boundaries, and found the dead bodies of? the two? New York-hired assassins in the small pond, and they were fished out. The assassination attempt ended.

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