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Baltasar Reyes
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 9, 1924
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Died June 1, 1959
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Granados Granados crime family
Title(s) Associate
Baltasar Reyes was a Mexican-American mobster and an associate of the Granados crime family. In 1959, he was famous for viciously beating up Roth associate Bruce Bindo, beginning the Granados War. In return, he was murdered.

Biography Edit

Reyes was born in Matamoros, Mexico, to a Mexican and an American. In 1924, Baltasar Reyes and his family immigrated to Miami, Florida, where they remained as illegal citizens. They remained in the USA until 1929, when they were deported back to Mexico. Reyes lived alone, taking care of himself and his younger brother Harry Reyes. In 1940, he joined the Mexican Mafia, becoming an associate in the Granados crime family. He was trained to become a bruiser and an electrician, using his talents to pummel rival made men and taking down circuit wires. In 1959, he was ordered to kill Bruce Bindo and Vernon Strozzi, two members of Hyman Roth's crime syndicate in Miami, that was in a territorial feud with the Granados. Reyes nearly killed both of them, but the MPD prevented him from killing them, sending him to jail. It was not long before Matthew Tilden, the DA of Miami, sprung him from jail as a favor to the Granados, and Reyes became involved in the war with the Trapani crime family, newcomers to Miami who were allied to Roth. Their leader, Dominic, who had recruited Bindo and Strozzi as enforcers in the family, chased after him to get revenge.

Baltasar Reyes execution

Public execution of Baltasar Reyes.

Reyes was at his brother's hideout at the Miami Waterfront, looking at the bay that separated Cuba and America with 90 miles. Harry Reyes was out attacking Tony Rosato, one of the renegades known as the Rosato Brothers, so Baltasar remained at the hangout, escorted by a few bodyguards. The bodyguards were stabbed to death with knives at Jersey's Sports Bar by Leon Strozzi, who was a Corleone bruiser and brother to Vernon. Reyes casually strolled along the marina, before encountering Dominic. Dominic beat up Reyes before shooting him in the head, execution style, in the middle of public sight. The civilians nearby called 9-1-1, but the police did not arrive, as Dominic had gained a favor from Police Chief Wayne Reisdorf.

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