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Battery Park Shootout
Gang War
Conflict: NYC Gang Wars
Date: August 30, 2008
Place: Battery Park, New York City
Outcome: Russian Mafia victory

The Lost MC

Russian Mafia


Johnny Klebitz
Clay Simons
Jim Fitzgerald
Terry Thorpe

Kenny Petrovic


6 bikers

40 men


1 wounded

15 killed

The Battery Park Shootout was a gang war that took place in 2008 between The Lost MC and the Petrovic crime family in Battery Park, Manhattan. The Lost MC traveled by motorcycle and helicopter, and killed several Russian gang-bangers, but President Johnny Klebitz was wounded.

Battle Edit

Johnny Klebitz and his gang of bikers drove to Battery Park, initiating a gang war between the Russian Mafia and the Lost MC. Klebitz flew in an Annihilator helicopter, while Clay Simons and the others drove by motorcycle. They reached a dockyard where the Russian Mafia were hanging out, and a shootout began. Klebitz killed over a dozen of the mobsters, but was wounded when more came, and he was hospitalized. The Russian Mafia kept their territory in Battery Park, despite their losses.

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