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Battle of Charge Island Warehouse
Gang War
Conflict: NYC Gang Wars
Date: August 12, 2008
Place: Charge Island, New York City
Outcome: Lost MC victory

The Lost MC



Johnny Klebitz
Clay Simons
Jim Fitzgerald
Terry Thorpe



6 bikers

30 gangsters


3 killed

30 killed

The Battle of Charge Island Warehouse was a massive firefight that occured on August 12, 2008, between The Lost MC and the Albanians Gang on Charge Island. The Lost initiated a gang war by attacking the Charge Island Warehouse, where the Albanians were hanging out, and fought both the Albanians and the NYPD, resulting in a biker victory. All of the Albanians and police officers were killed.

Battle Edit

Johnny Klebitz and five other bikers left The Bronx to teach the Albanians a lesson, driving their motorcycles to the warehouse where the Albanian Gang was hanging out. There were six bikers facing 30 Albanians, but the bikers were hardened because of past gang warfare, and they began shooting the gangsters as soon as they dismounted. The Albanians and bikers used barrels, containers, and rails as cover, shooting each other until the NYPD heard the shots and police sirens blared all around the warehouse. Then, both sides fought the police, who helped to exterminate the Albanians before being gunned down by the Lost MC. All of the Albanian defenders were killed, and the Lost MC bikers fled the area, leaving burnt-out cars and gangster corpses for examination by the NYPD, lying where they died.

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