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Battle of Fabio Satriani & Sons
Battle of Fabio Satriani & Son
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1947
Place: Hoboken, New Jersey
Outcome: Corleone victory

Trapani Corleone

Stracci Stracci


Aldo Trapani

Bennie Castanza


1 man

10 men




The Battle of Fabio Satriani & Son was a firefight between the Corleone mob and the Stracci mob in the Fabio Satriani & Son Butcher Shop in New Jersey, resulting in the extortion of the racket by Aldo Trapani.

Battle Edit

Aldo Trapani and the Corleone crime family of Little Italy expanded into New Jersey, territory of the Stracci crime family of Victor Stracci. Aldo Trapani attacked Fabio Satriani & Son Butcher Shop, a? Stracci racket owned by Fabio Satriani and run by their associate Bennie "the Boat" Castanza. Trapani shot the guards outside of the racket before extorting Fabio Satriani. Satriani reached a deal with the Corleones, and unlocked the back door. Trapani entered through there and went upstairs, killing the last of the Stracci enforcers hired to guard the shop. He came up to Bennie the Boat and threatened to throw him over the ledge that led to the garage unless he paid the Corleones for protection money and tribute, and Castanza reluctantly agreed. This was another step in the conquest of New Jersey and the monopoly of the? drugs racket.

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