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Battle of Northwood
Gang War
Conflict: NYC Gang Warfare
Date: August 1, 2008
Place: Northwood Pier, New York City
Outcome: Jamaican victory

The Lost MC

Jamaican Mafia


Johnny Klebitz
Jim Fitzgerald
Clay Simons
Terry Thorpe



6 bikers

25 mobsters


One wounded

Nine dead

The Battle of Northwood was a massive shootout between the Hop-Skotch Mafia and The Lost MC gangs in Northwood at a pier that was used by the Jamaican gang as a front. The Lost MC were winning at first, but Jamaicans in vans arrived and seriously wounded President Johnny Klebitz, so the Lost MC made themselves scarce.

Battle Edit

President Johnny Klebitz, assisted by six other bikers, attacked the Jamaican Gang at a pier in Northwood, where they were inspecting a drug shipment that arrived from Jamaica. The Lost MC killed several gangsters in a shootout, and Klebitz even fired an RPG at some of the Jamaicans, killing quite a few. However, the Jamaicans called for reinforcements and more Jamaican hoodlums arrived in vans. After shooting five of the gangsters, Klebitz was wounded by an HSM member taking cover behind the grille of a green van, and a hospital arrived shortly after both gangs fled the crime scene, leaving a few gangsters dead on the spot.

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