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Battle of Palace Chophouse
Dutch Schultz dead
Conflict: Schultz-Murder Inc. War
Date: October 23, 1935
Place: Newark, New Jersey
Outcome: Murder, Inc. victory

Schultz Gang

The Commission
Murder, Inc.


Dutch Schultz

Louis Buchalter
Albert Anastasia







The Battle of Palace Chophouse was a shootout between the Schultz Gang and Murder, Inc. assassins hired by the Luciano crime family to kill Dutch Schultz after he attempted to murder a New York politician.

Background Edit

Dutch Schultz had a headquarters at the Palace Chophouse in Newark, New Jersey, where he and his underboss Abe Landau operated from. Thomas Dewey, a NYC politician, opened up a case against Schultz and the gang that originated in income tax evasion, which was the usual for the Mafia. Schultz asked permission to kill Dewey, but The Commission refused to grant him permission. Nevertheless, he proceeded to nearly kill him, causing the Mafia to order his downfall. The Luciano crime family hired Murder, Inc. hitmen Charles Workman and Mendy Weiss to kill him at his HQ.

Battle Edit

Workman and Weiss slipped past the guards, heading into the bathroom, where Schultz was washing his hands. Workman shot Schultz once below the heart, and the bullet richocheted into his abdomen. Then, the murderers shot Landau in the neck, as well as hitting Schultz's bodyguard Lulu Rosencrantz repeatedly with Buckshot shotgun shells. They shot accountant Otto Berman next, Berman collapsing as soon as he was hit. The assassins then fled the building, and were fired upon by Landau, who was desperate to avenge Schultz. Landau collapsed onto a trash can, and Rosencrantz passed out near a payphone while calling the police. The assassins got away, leaving the four Schultz Gang members wounded in the restaurant. Berman died first in the hospital, and Schultz died last. However, Schultz's criminal empire continued on, being passed on to Marty Krompier, an associate of his who managed Manhattan while Schultz was in hiding.

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