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Battle of Shoreline Storage
Shoreline Storage
Conflict: Miami Drug Wars
Date: 1983
Place: South Shore, Miami
Outcome: Montana victory

Montana Empire

Gomez Cartel


Tony Montana








The Battle of Shoreline Storage was a firefight that occured between the Montana Cartel and Gomez Cartel over the Shoreline Storage Warehouse, which was a vital racket in the Gomez distribution crime ring. Tony Montana took over the warehouse, and gained much more territory on South Beach.

Battle Edit

Montana, hoping to retake all of his lost territories from the other drug cartels, attacked the Shoreline Storage, a warehouse owned by Gaspar Gomez. He drove in through the back rather than through the locked-off front, and a firefight began between him and the guards there. He killed most of the Gomez hired guns, and finished them off in a blind rage. By doing so, he acquired Shoreline Storage as another one of his many drug fronts, expanding his criminal empire.

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