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Previous: Battle of Nacho's Casino
Battle of the Mothership
Contreras Cartel
Campaign: 1983 Downtown Miami war
Date: 1983
Place: off the coast of Florida
Outcome: Montana victory

Montana Montana Cartel

Contreras Contreras Cartel


Tony Montana



5 Henchmen

50 Henchmen


2 killed

all killed

The Battle of the "Mothership" was a shootout on a cargoship (nicknamed "Mothership") between employees of the Montana Cartel and Contreras Cartel, two rival drug cartels. This followed the death of Nacho Contreras, the head of the Contreras Cartel, when he was eaten by a shark trying to escape from his casino on another tanker. The cargoship was taken over and Nacho's slaves were employed by Montana, eliminating the Contreras Cartel.

Background Edit

Nacho Contreras

Nacho Contreras

Nacho Contreras was a wealthy Mexican drug cartel leader who controlled the heroin, cocaine, and marijuana trade in Downtown Miami, which was his territory. Narcotics flooded the streets, as did enforcers for the Contreras Cartel. In 1980, Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant, assassinated his former boss Frank Lopez in his rise to power after Lopez made a deal with the Diaz Bros to kill him and get rid of the threat to his authority. Montana hoped to get rid of the "fat bastard", as Frank Lopez called him, so that he could take over the drug trade in Miami. After Montana was nearly (and apparently) killed in 1983 at his mansion, he went into hiding for three months, letting Contreras take over all of Montana's fronts in Downtown Miami and eliminate his assets. When Montana returned from exile, he murdered the Diaz Bros and took over Little Havana, and Contreras was the next target. He took over Downtown Miami and Contreras was killed in his cargo ship's floating casino, being wounded and killed by a shark when his blood attracted it. Afterwards, Montana did a favor for a dock boss, and in return, the dock boss provided two helicopters to bring Tony aboard the "Mothership", a cargo ship used as transport for slaves used by Contreras.

Battle Edit

The two helicopters brought Montana to the cargo ship, and they aided in the battle by gunning down several of Contreras' henchmen. One helicopter was shot down, but Montana was able to board the cargo ship. He fought his way through the ship, and defused a few bombs on deck that were set by the henchmen and the captain. After killing all of the henchmen, defusing the bombs, and gunning down the captain, he released the slaves from the cargo containers. The slaves, mainly Mexican and Cuban immigrants who wanted to come to America for freedom, helped to take over the ship and they drove it back to shore. The slaughter of Contreras' henchmen ended the cartel, and Downtown Miami fell to the Montana Cartel.

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