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Bennie the Boat
Bennett Castanza
Biographical Information
Aliases "Bennie the Boat"
Gender Male
Born August 18, 1920
Newark, New Jersey
Died April 4, 2000
Hoboken, New Jersey
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Associate
Bennie "the Boat" Castanza was an Italian-American mob associate of the Trapani crime family, and formerly, the Stracci crime family. A New Jerseyan, he oversaw the protection of Fabio Satriani & Son.

Biography Edit

Bennie the Boat was born in Newark to Italian immigrants from Calabria, and becamed involved in the Italian Mafia as a young man. In the early '40s, he joined the Stracci crime family and served in the crew of Leon Grossi, who was the local mob Capo. He was made an associate, and was sent to watch over Fabio Satriani & Son, but kept his distance from owner Fabio Satriani, the "Butcher of New Jersey". In 1947, his shop was invaded, and since he was in charge, he was roughed up until he decided to change his allegiance to Aldo Trapani. He ran over the business until his retirement in 1965.

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