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Jamaican Capo
Albert Jones
Biographical Information
Aliases Big Albert
Gender Male
Born June 17, 1965
Tallmadge, Jamaica
Died July 19, 2008
Jamaica, Queens, New York City
Affiliation Jamaican Mafia Hillside Posse
Title(s) Capo
Big Albert was a Jamaican-American mobster who was affiliated with the Hillside Posse, serving as a Capo under Real Badman (Teafore Maxwell-Davis). An immigrant to America, he preferred the lifestyle of Jamaica, and continued doing drugs and driving around recklessly. In 2008, he was murdered by The Lost MC, a hostile biker gang.

Biography Edit

Albert Jones was born in 1965 in Tallmadge, Jamaica. In 1977, he snuck onto a barge to New York City, and reached Red Hook, a neighborhood on the Brooklyn waterfront in New York. Albert moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, with not a dime in his pocket. However, one day, he assisted a criminal in robbing a grocery store, and he got a share of the stolen cash. He made a name for himself by robbing street vendors and drug dealers, and used the money to buy himself a car, and a better apartment, and afforded a weapon. Using his money and weapons, he gained power in the area, and soon became acquainted with Teafore Maxwell-Davis, a young hoodlum who was an off-the-boat immirant from Jamaica as well. Maxwell-Davis and Albert created a vast drug empire, and they expanded throughout Brooklyn and Queens. Big Albert ruled over Jamaica, Queens, and recruited various Jamaican-American youths into the Hillside Posse, Davis' gang. Big Albert was responsible for the murders of several Russian Mafia associates in the 1990s and 2000s, and was incarcerated from 2001 to 2003 for the murder of Anton Konstantinov, a Faustin crime family Soldier. In 2004, Big Albert began to develop a worse drug addiction than the minor one he had developed back in 1984, and he nearly died of a heart attack in 2006. He gained his nicnkame when he started to get fat due to the lack of physical activity following a binge eating disorder. To cruise around, he used his green-colored car to patrol.

In 2008, Big Albert was the victim of a gang war between the Hillside Posse and The Lost MC, a rival gang made up of New Jerseyan bikers. The Lost MC Gang performed a drive-by shooting on Big Albert's car, shooting the target vehicle until it set on fire, and blew up in the middle of the road. The Lost MC bikers gathered the money that flew out of his trunk, and made off, winning the gang war.

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