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Bill Bardi
Bill Bardi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 20, 1926
Queens, New York City
Died July 13, 1969
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Corleone Corleone/Trapani Family
Title(s) Underboss
Bill Bardi was an Italian-American career criminal who was famous for being the Underboss of the Trapani crime family from 1964 to 1969. He was known to be a ladies' man, and was wanted in 39 states for being a criminal. In 1959, he was "made" into the Trapani crime family, which was a proxy of the Corleone crime family whose members were also Corleones. Bardi was murdered in 1969 because of his less-advanced weapons license by his own boss, Dominic.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Bill Bardi was born in Queens, New York City, in a rough predominantly Italian-American neighborhood. Bardi was born to a middle-class family, richer than most of the other people, and many women fell for his riches, and he became known for being a ladies' man. He worked at a jewlery store when he turned seventeen, and developed an obsession for diamonds, as well as women, and soon, stealing, for which he was arrested in 1950. He was approached by mob Capo Frank Pentangeli in 1955, and was recruited into the Corleone crime family as an associate, and he learned about demolitions, becoming a bomb expert.

Mafia Career Edit

Bardi was recruited into the Trapani crime family in 1959 as a soldier by Dominic, the new Don, because he was recommended to him by Frank Pentangeli. Bardi worked with him to attack La Maison Rouge by blowing up the back door and letting the Trapanis enter the building. Bardi blew up the Carmine Rosato Compound on February 23, as he planted a bomb on the gas main. He fought the rival mobsters in Miami, and was responsible for the destruction of every rival compound. Bardi was promoted to Capo after the destruction of the Granados Compound.

He became the Underboss of the Trapani Family following the death of Underboss Joe Primanti due to his lower weapons license, and replaced him as Dominic's personal entourage. He did not speak Spanish, so he felt like his time in Cuba was not that nice, but he loved the hotels, casinos, and the women there. He gambled at the Casino Imperial, where he won most of his money.

Death Edit

Bill Bardi was a useful asset in the mob warfare of 1959-1960, but there were more "promising" associates who had higher weapons licenses, so Bill was doing little more than taking up space. He was useful in this capacity for only two years, so he was murdered at Dominic's Florida Safehouse. Bardi was killed execution-style by Roy Mancini and Anthony Squigliaro back in the back of the head and Dominic watched his death.

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