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The Blood Feather Triad was one of three of the San Francisco Triads, alongside the Mountain Cloud Boys and Red Gecko Tong. In 1992, they were slaughtered by the Da Nang Boys.

History Edit

The Blood Feather Triad was founded in 1950 when Han De Xi moved to America following the fall of mainland China to the communists. He set up his home in San Francisco, and since he had no real job, he decided to sell the opium that he had brought with him. His opium sales made him rich, and he started employing local Chinese ales to assist him in his criminal operations. The Blood Feather Triads started to take over from other families, such as the Forelli crime family, but in 1975, new trouble arrived when the Da Nang Boys, a gang of Vietnamese criminals, seized power over several rackets in town. The Blood Feather Triad fell in 1992 when the Da Nang Boys massacred them as they waited to meet with Wu Zi Mu, the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, an ally of the Blood Feather Triads.

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