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Alejandro Sosa

Alejandro Sosa

The Bolivian Cartel was a drug cartel that was founded in 1960, and dissolved in 1984. It was led by Alejandro Sosa, a Bolivian drug lord who had political connections, so his drug factories and warehouses were well-guarded by military soldiers. In 1984, he was killed in an attack on his mansion in Cochabamba by Tony Montana, who was gaining power in Miami and wanted to get rid of all of his enemies.


Sosa dead

Sosa, killed by Tony Montana.

The Bolivian Cartel was the toughest cartel in the world in 1980. The Bolivian Cartel had connections with the government, including Pedro Quinn of the Andes Sugar Corporation, General Edward Strasser, commander of the First Army Corps, Ariel Bleyer, of the Ministry of the Interior, and Charles Goodson from Washington, DC. They were powerful, leading the heroin trade in Bolivia and Miami. The Bolivians were led by Alejandro Sosa, who purchased a large estate in Cochabamba, and was educated in England, being intelligent and strong.

In 1980, they came under heat when a journalist reported the cartel's connections with General Cucombre, Minister of Defense of Bolivia, who bought a $12 million villa in Switzerland. He was going to go on 60 Minutes on British, French, Italian, and Japanese television a while later, so Sosa approached his ally Tony Montana of the Montana Cartel for help in murdering the journalist, alongside Alberto Morales, an expert in the "disposal" business. However, since children were getting into the journalist's car, Montana refused to blow it up, and shot Alberto before he could detonate the car bomb. The Bolivians retaliated by invading Montana's estate in 1983, killing all of his henchmen. Montana escaped from the mansion in his limo, wounded, while the Bolivians reported that he was dead.

They managed affairs in their own country, conspiring with Montana's lawyer George Sheffield to murder him. They failed to kill him in all of their tries, and Montana took over most of Miami by mid 1984. Montana flew to Cochabamba, armed with a whole arsenal of weapons, as a one-man army. He shot his way through all of the Bolivians, and he killed Sheffield, Gaspar Gomez, and Sosa, ending the cartel.

Known membersEdit

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