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Boris Serbov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 18, 1980
Little Italy, New York City
Died August 1, 2008
Westminster, New York City
Affiliation Albanian Mob Albanians
Title(s) Chapter Leader
Boris Serbov was an Albanian-American career gangster who was the leader of the Westminster Albanians, a set of the Albanian Gang. Serbov was killed on August 1, 2008, in a firefight with The Lost MC.

Biography Edit

Serbov was born to Milos Serbov and Constanzia Petronevska, two Albanian immigrants to the United States. Serbov made a life for himself as a gangster, helping the Albanians beat down their rivals. He became the leader of the Westminster Albanians chapter, and in 2008, the Albanians' rivals, The Lost Brotherhood, killed Serbov and all of his gangsters.

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