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Bowery Gang

Bowery Gang Members (left to right: Stefano Gambaro, Nathan Healy and Benny O'Brien) beating Aldo Trapani

The Bowery Gang was a gang from The Bowery, New York City that dealt with theft. Led and Founded by Nathan Healy, the gang went defunct in 1945 when member Aldo Trapani and Corleone crime family mobster Luca Brasi killed all of its members.

History Edit

The gang was founded in 1944 by Nathan Healy, with Nathan Healy as the leader. They behaved like fools, hoodlums, juvenile delinquents, causing public disturbances and causing trouble in their neighborhoods. Aldo Trapani was the driver for the gang, and was paid the least, while Stefano Gambaro and Benny O'Brien were the muscle and were paid the most. On August 20, 1945, Trapani complained about his pay and was beat viciously as a result. In return, his mother Serafina Trapani begged Don Vito Corleone to take him into the family and save him from the gang, who treated him poorly. Corleone sent feared enforcer Luca Brasi to rescue Trapani, and Brasi taught Trapani how to kill men, using the gang leader and gang members as practice. Trapani rose to become the Don of the Trapani crime family by 1952.

Memembership Edit

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