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Brooklyn Heights 2008

Brooklyn Heights in 2008

Brooklyn Heights is a friendly middle-class neighborhood in New York City that is located in central Brooklyn. It is noted for its lined brownstone streets, and it is quiet, unlike nearby Downtown Brooklyn.

History Edit

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn, 1945

The Brooklyn Heights are a very rich neighborhood, where the Tattaglia crime family were located in 1945. The Brooklyn Heights were ritzy as opposed to the Brooklyn Waterfront, filled with sleazy clip joints, brothels, and bars. From 1945 to 1948 the Corleone crime family waged a bloody war for control of the streets, and they seized the borough from the Tattaglias; Tattaglia underboss Johnny Tattaglia was killed off Old Fulton Street in the heights. The Brooklyn Heights were managed well by the Corleones, who took over the Tattaglia Compound and watched over the borough.

When the Corleone family moved to Las Vegas in 1952, it came under the control of the Trapani crime family. However, as of 2008 there was not much criminal activity in the neighborhood, apart from sporadic car hijackings and some hit-and-runs, but it is a friendly middle-class neighborhood today.

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