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The Brumly Boys were a gang from the Brumly suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that operated in the 1960s and 70s. They were best known for winning the Greaser-Socs War of 1964 by helping the Greasers beat the Socs, alongside the Shepard Gang.

History Edit

The Brumly Boys originated in the Tulsa suberb of Brumly, a poorer neighborhood where, according to gangster Ponyboy Curtis, "didn't know how to spell anything besides their own names". The Brumly Boys were led by Joel Andrews. The Brumly Boys were allied to the Greasers and were enemies of the Socs, who beat up the poorer kids, also known as "greasers", not just the Curtis Brothers gang. The Brumly Boys took part in a rumble alongside the greasers in 1964 against the Socs, giving them 20 to face 22 Socs. One of them broke the rules set in the match of no weapons, with one of the boys using a chain. One of them was knocked out, but all of the Socs were knocked out or fled. The Brumly Boys split up in 1972.

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