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Burt Lawrence
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 18, 1959
Miami, Florida
Died December 10, 1983
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Montana Montana Cartel
Title(s) Enforcer
Burt Lawrence was an American who was a career criminal and enforcer for the Montana Cartel of Miami.

Biography Edit

In his first job during the Miami Drug Wars in 1983, he was sent to kill fifteen key gangsters of Nacho's Gang. He killed nine of them in Downtown Miami in an alleyway, and six more in a parking lot behind some condominiums. Lawrence gained $15,000 from the dead bodies, which he relayed back to Tony Montana.

Due to the success of his first job, he was given another mission: showing the gangs who to respect. He killed another fifteen gangsters in three separate locations within the given five minutes, and recieved another $15,000. Gang heat was getting higher and higher as he completed his tasks and killed Gomez/Nacho-affiliated dealers. Nacho Contreras ordered a hit put out on Lawrence, so Marcos Iturriga and other hitmen attempted to kill him behind a bank, but at a basketball court, four of them were killed before Lawrence was shot dead in a drive-by.

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