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The Campi Crew was a regime of the Mangano crime family run by Baldo Campi from 1955 to 1959.

Baldo Campi

Baldo Campi

The regime was named after Mangano capo Baldo Campi, whose crew were Guccio Ferrara and Jacopo Vanni, plus numerous associates. The Campi crew lasted from 1955 to 1959, when Baldo Campi was eliminated.

History Edit

The Campi crime family's origins were in Siculiana, Sicily, a small village. In 1948, Baldo Campi, who was a soldato in the Mangano crime family, moved to America. He rose to become a capo in the mob, and moved to Cuba to avoid the Sicilian Police. When he was made a capo, he recruited several people into his crew and led them until he died in 1959, run over by a car.

Family members Edit

Don: Baldo Campi

Soldati: Guccio Ferrara and Jacopo Vanni

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