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Carmine Fracasi
Carmine Fracasi
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Murderous"
Gender Male
Born May 12, 1960
Flatbush, Brooklyn
Died May 12, 2009
Shoreside, Queens
Affiliation Mafia Pavano Family
Title(s) Capo
Carmine Fracasi was an Italian-American mobster who was one of three Capos of the Pavano crime family, alongside George Bindo and Ralph Mileoni. In 2009, Fracasi initiated the Second Pavano War by trying to murder boss Maria Valvona, mistrusting a woman as boss, and was murdered.

Biography Edit

Fracasi was born to Giovanni Fracasi and Veronica DiAngelo in Brooklyn. His parents were both purely Sicilian, and Fracasi's family had connections to the Sicilian Mafia back in the old country. Fracasi's family spoke Italian in their household, so he had to learn English in grade school. Fracasi made friends with future Caporegime George Bindo, and when Bindo was "made" in 1985, Fracasi was recommended by him to the Don, who initiated him as well. Fracasi fought in the First Pavano War, a civil struggle between Maria Valvona's faction and Samuele Pavano, and Valvona took power. Fracasi became a Capo under Underboss Leon Marchese in 1998.

In 2008, the Pavano crime family went to war with the Pegorino crime family. The Pavanos failed to assassinate key Pegorino made men, and in revenge, the Pegorinos hired Niko Bellic, a famous hitman, to kill off Capo Mike Salvani's crew at Auto Eroticar. All of them were killed, and Fracasi doubted Valvona's leadership.

In 2009, Fracasi attempted to murder Valvona with a car bomb, but it failed, killing her driver and a bodyguard instead. Valvona suspected the Pegorinos, but found out the truth when Bindo reported to her, rather than fight against her. Fracasi directed a series of murders from his penthouse in Queens, with Fracasi Faction associates killing several Valvona Faction members.

Fracasi was murdered because of his treachery in Shoreside, Queens. His body was found in the West River, with a revolver strapped to his waistband. Fracasi was reportedly murdered by Bindo soldier Rufus Zoff. Zoff was accused of the murder, but never tried and he evaded responsibility. Fracasi was shot four times in the back, as if he was taken by surprise. Apparently, he was murdered on the pier of the West River, not just dumped there.

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