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Carmine Rosato
Carmine Rosato
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born November 10, 1918
Brooklyn, New York City
Died February 20, 1959
Queens, New York City
Affiliation Mangano Mariposa crime family
Trapani Clemenza crime family
Corleone Trapani crime family
CR Carmine Rosato crime family
Title(s) Capo
Carmine Rosato was a New York City mobster of Sicilian descent, who was a Capo in the Trapani crime family but later led a splinter-group faction, taking over territories in Queens to found the Carmine Rosato crime family.

Biography Edit

Carmine Rosato mugshot

Mugshot of Carmine Rosato.

Carmine Rosato was born in the Italian-American neighborhood of Brooklyn in 1918. Carmine was the brother of Anthony Rosato, who would later become the Boss of the Tony Rosato crime family. He first served as a low-level soldier for Giuseppe Mariposa's criminal organization in Little Italy, but after Mariposa was killed in 1933, Rosato joined the victors, the Corleone crime family, but he only served under Capo Peter Clemenza.

In 1952, he served Clemenza as a part of the newly-formed Clemenza crime family, but later joined Aldo Trapani's criminal organization. Rosato declared independence from the Trapanis on February 12, 1959, along with his brother, six weeks after their former boss Aldo had been gunned down. Rosato ruled Clemenza's former territory of Queens, while his brother Tony ruled territories in Miami. Carmine was known to be weak and unorganized, as his made men ranged from ex-Corleone buttonmen to muggers and black market dealers. His men were the poor people hooked on marijuana, which Carmine Rosato dominated the trade of.

Carmine had drug smuggling crime rings, as well as prostitution, money laundering, and arms smuggling. The Corleone crime family appointed Trapani Underboss Dominic as the new boss of the Trapani criminal organization, and Dominic set out to reconquer all of Clemenza's territories. Carmine Rosato lost most of his rackets, and his right-hand man Norman Rossi was executed with a pistol at Baja, Inc. Construction Site. Rosato decided to take out the Corleone power structure by feigning defeat and almost assassinating Corleone Capo Frank Pentangeli, who had withheld three territories in The Bronx from the Rosato Brothers after the death of Clemenza, a deciding factor in their rebellion. Carmine narrowly escaped the police in a shootout from Richie's Tavern, the meeting place, and escaped to his compound in Astoria.

Carmine Rosato death

Carmine Rosato is iced

Carmine Rosato was marked as a target by Dominic in revenge for the supposed death of Frank Pentangeli, who was manipulated; the Rosato hitman garroting him whispered "Michael Corleone says hello" to him. This caused Pentangeli to defect, later beginning a senate investigation against Corleone. Dominic erased all of Rosato's made men, before attacking his mansion in the ritzy neighborhood of Astoria. Rosato was beaten to death by Dominic, and his compound was blown up. Rosato's death caused his brother to hunt Dominic down, but Tony was killed in 1960 by Dominic as well.