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Carmine Rosato mugshot

Mugshot of Carmine Rosato.

Carmine Rosato's crime family or Carmine Rosato's Gang was an organized crime syndicate of the Italian Mafia, that lasted from 1958 to 1959. It was a splintergroup of the Rosato crime family leaving the family after the death of Capo Aldo Trapani, and Carmine Rosato and Tony Rosato, two Capos, took all they had and made their own gangs. In February 1959, Rosato was killed along with all of his made men, ending the organization.

History Edit

The Corleone caporegime Peter Clemenza had three apprentices: Carmine Rosato, Aldo Trapani, and Tony Rosato, when in 1952, he founded the Clemenza crime family. After his death in 1958, Aldo Trapani became the acting boss, and when he died in 1959, the Rosato Brothers left the family, and founded their own gangs. Carmine Rosato had control over Queens, while Tony controlled parts of Miami. Carmine Rosato ran drugs in Queens, making a living off of what used to be Michael Corleone's rackets there. Corleone capo Dominic waged war on the Rosatos after they attempted to kill other capo Frank Pentangeli, and all of Carmine Rosato's henchmen were killed by the end of the month, including his made men. Carmine Rosato was killed when his compound was blown up, and the family ended. It was turned into the Trapani crime family afterwards, as Dominic took over all of the fronts and the compound.

Members Edit

Don: Carmine Rosato

Cosnigliere: Diego Tagucchi

Underboss: Armando Strazzi

Caporegime: Norman Rossi

Soldiers: Jimmy Guidalatto, Franklin Credi, Alvin Datini and Clyde Lando

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