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Dragon's Heart Plaza Shootout
Chinese Takeout
Conflict: Gang Wars
Date: April 30, 2008
Place: Dragon's Heart Plaza, Chinatown, New York City
Outcome: Ancelotti victory

Ancelotti crime family

Lee Triad


Luis Lopez

Wu Lee


1 gangster

50 gangsters



20 killed

The "Chinese Takeout", formally known as the Dragon's Heart Plaza Shootout was a firefight between the Lee Triad and the Ancelotti Family. The Triads tried to kill Tony Prince, who refused to give Wu Lee his liquor license that he needed to construct a new liquor market in the Dragon's Heart Plaza. All of the Triads were killed in the shootout as Prince and Lopez fled.

Battle Edit

Prince and Lopez headed to the Dragon's Heart Plaza, meeting with Wu Lee, the leader of the Lee Triad. Lee tried to shoot them when Lopez told him that they weren't patsies to sort out the licensing issue, so Lopez knocked him out, but the gun went off, alerting the Triad gangsters. Lopez killed all of the attacking Triads, while Prince stayed behind him, feeling nausea because of the carnage. Some of the Chinese threw grenades, while many shot them with advanced weapons such as the SMG. Lopez covered him until they reached Prince's car, and he drove Prince back to his apartment, escaping the fighting.

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