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Chino De Vega
Chino De Vega
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 4, 1933
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Died April 5, 2011
Queens, New York City
Affiliation Sharks
Title(s) Gang Member
Chino De Vega was a Puerto Rican gangster and immigrant to America who was best known for the murder of Jets gang member Tony Wycek in summer 1957. He died of respiratory cancer in 2011 in the Queens Hospital.

Biography Edit

Chino Martin de Vega was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, childhood friends with Bernardo Nunez. When Nunez immigrated to America, he went with him, and became a lieutenant in the Sharks gang, a gang of other Puerto Rican immigrants. Chino assisted in the jumping of Baby John Feld, a member of the rival Jets gang, who were racist against the Puerto Ricans. He became the head of the gang after the murder of Bernardo by Tony Wycek in revenge for the death of Riff Tamblyn, his friend in the 1959 Queens rumble, and Chino began carrying a "heater" (gun) throughout the streets in search of Tony. Chino shot Wycek, who had challenged Chino, in the streets, when Wycek was given the message by Anita Nunez (wife of Bernardo) that Nunez's sister and his girlfriend Maria was "shot by Chino for loving Tony". Wycek died in Maria's arms after they embraced, and Chino was arrested for fifteen years for murder. In 2011, he died in Queens Hospital of cancer.

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